We have on hand, the best selection of hay in southwest Missouri. We know how fussy horses are about their hay. Let us prove that we can satisfy your horses!



Purina (Crossroads) All Stock Sweet

Purina Horsemans Edge

Purina Horsemans Edge Senior

Equine Junior and Senior

Purina Strategy

Purina Healthy Edge

Purina Ultium Growth and Competition

Alfalfa Pellets

Alfalfa Cubes

Crescent All Grain

Crescent 12% 50/50

Crescent 16% 50/50 Coarse Dairy

Whole Corn

Whole Oats


Dobbin’s Delight Horse Treats – Apple and Oat – 4.5lb and 10lb Bags

Beet Pulp Shreds with Molasses

Purina Enrich 32

Missouri Livestock Suppliments EQUINE AP-5

12/12 Horse Mineral Loose

Horse Power Block

Soybean Meal